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About Us

About Us

Think Secure Inc was established in the winter of 2006 on the basis of offering an unconditionally high standard of service. The founder, Benjamin Wein, is an avid Yoga practitioner and teacher, and his vision was and is to bring the Yogic approach to the security industry. It may sound like a paradox, but “peace of mind” can come from any direction.

The reality is that in modern society, security has become a necessity. The security industry has become so involved with profit and residuals that the morals and ethics of alarm and security companies have seen a sharp decline. The “bottom line” plays a major role in decision making — not the customers and their needs. At Think Secure Inc, although we do care about the bottom line, we do not make it our first priority. We trust that consumers will see the quality and care that goes into our services and will pay their dues in appreciation.

     Benjamin Wein has been working in the alarm industry for over two decades and has seen the technological revolution firsthand. With a thorough knowledge of the past and skillful understanding of current technologies, he designs up-to-date systems tailored to the customer’s needs.

    At Think Secure Inc, we do our best to care for the environment. We send our leftover wire, old control panels, mother boards, batteries and light bulbs to be recycled. We believe that making the time to preserve the environment is of the utmost importance.

Be Safe – Think Secure Inc Team